Unmasking the Threat: Brand Impersonation in Ecommerce

Don't get spooked by impersonators! Identify and unmask potential threats to your brand.

Imposter scams, particularly brand impersonation scams, pose a significant threat to retailers. Criminals use generative AI technology and cybercrime-as-a-service offerings to perfectly impersonate well-known consumer brands and retailers, aiming to steal customers' money and personal data.

Listen this webinar as we guide you through the key risks retailers face, provide actionable insights that will help mitigate the threat, and detail what you can do if and when you become a victim.



  • Rick Sunzeri
  • ClearSale
  • Director of Enterprise Accounts
Quote - Beatriz Thomaz Rabello - Product Marketing Manager at Brand Protection by ClearSale 250px
  • Beatriz Thomaz Rabello
  • ClearSale
  • Product Marketing Manager at Brand Protection by ClearSale

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